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July 21, 2016
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What kind of name is Cebuya Moon??! is a question I get asked a lot, so I wanted to use my first official post on this site to answer it in detail!

First, let me pronounce it for you:


Weird, I know 🙂  But there’s a reason behind it, even if it’s a crazy one…so here it goes!

We have a dog. Who are we kidding – she is so much more than a dog. She is our best friend. Our soul companion. The sunshine on our cloudy day. She is SIBBY. And she is perfect in every way.

11 years old, part golden retriever, part flat coat – and she’s practically our child. We’ve raised her from birth – even helped pull her from her mother’s hoo-hah on the 4th of July at 11:36 am amid the sweltering heat of a Louisiana Summer. She had 10 brothers and sisters, but this one, well, she stood out. She was our heart the moment she was born.

And she still is. In fact, we love her SO MUCH that we have nicknamed her so many different names over the years – and we sing those names in made up songs all day long. (Yeah, we’re THOSE kind of dog parents!)

Boog. Chibber. Crunky Monkey. Biskit. Sibbers. Drey. Doshi. Oh yeah…and Cebu.   (Just to name a few).

Now…add to that, that dear hubby is a MAJOR Stephen King fan (on top of loving his Sibby). And one of his favorite SK stories is “Lisey’s Story”.  Which if you are familiar with this book, then you know where I’m going with this.  😉

In the book, there’s a place called Boo’ya Moon…

Boo’ya Moon is the dream world and one of many realities that make up the multiverse. This world is beatiful by day but dangerous by night. Lisey‘s late husband, Scott Landon had a strange ability to travel from his world to Boo’ya Moon.

When you combine the two things, Boo’ya Moon, and Cebu, you get, of course, CEBUYA MOON.

And there’s the story behind my weird-ass studio name. I’ve known that was the name I was going to use 5 years before I even started creating polymer clay or any kind of art to sell. It was just there, in my heart, waiting for the right time to become real.

And today, it symbolizes my creativity….and names my muse. My Cebuya Moon Beam. My Sibby. My Heart and Soul Dog.








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