Investment Price List

Investment Price List

Whether we co-create a custom piece together, or you something special calls out to you from my shop, you are investing in what I call a "Happy"...meaning you are investing in something that will bring you joy, make you smile, take you on an adventure in your mind, and expand your heart.

I try to make my work as affordable as possible, because I want to spread joy around to as many people I can. I LOVE the excitement during the creation process and the sheer joy and thankfulness when a special piece arrives to its new home. And while each piece is 100% customized to you, there is a general price range it will most likely fall into - as you can see below. :) These prices do NOT include shipping, though I never pad shipping and actually often charge LESS for shipping than it actually is. :) (As a side note, I ship worldwide from Europe with tracking and insurance!) And then when you let me know exactly what you have in mind, we can get an exact price and go from there.

Harry Potter sculptures & Cake Toppers:

  • 6 to 8 inches tall overall
  • Set on a round, square, oval or flat base of 4 inches height or less
  • Grass, wood, or castle stone covered base
  • 1 human or animal mascot including choice of clothing
  • Wand
  • Broom
  • Up to 4 accent items of your choosing (mandrake, golden egg, owl, phoenix, cat, dog, winged keys, cauldron, spell book(s), patronus from wand, potion bottles, etc)

$60 - $225 (£50 - £200) + shipping (worldwide, includes tracking)

*Custom orders accepted - I can personalize your order in any way you desire! Message me for a custom quote. PRICE VARIES ACCORDING TO SIZE, COMPLEXITY, AND NUMBER OR HUMANS OR ANIMALS ON THE TOPPER.

PLEASE NOTE: Almost ALL sculptures can be used as Cake Toppers!

Christmas tree ornaments can vary in size from 1 to 5 inches in height/width.

Price varies according to complexity and size, and can range from $8 - $35 each, so please contact me for custom quote! MOST of my ornaments are $15 (£15) each, though some smaller, simpler ones may be less, and more complex and bigger ones will be more. Super mini BeasTEAs are $29 (£25) each, and custom PET ornaments (with or without tea cup) start at $35 (£30) each.

Some tree ornaments ideas you might like (though please contact me for anything else you have in mind!!):

  • Nimbus, Firebolt, or generic broomstick
  • Monster Book of Monsters
  • Snitch
  • Bertie Bott's Beans
  • Winged Key
  • Happy Birthdae Harry Cake
  • Iced sugar cookies
  • Fantastic Beasts minis
  • Cthulhu
  • Star Wars
  • Minions
  • Doctor Who
  • Custom PET
  • Super Mini BeasTEAs
  • Golden Egg from TriWizard Tournament
  • Hufflepuff Golden Cup
  • Snowy Owl (Hedwig) with or without Acceptance Letter
  • Chocolate Frog
  • Small 2 - 3 inch tall characters or beasts
  • Knitted Weasley Sweater (Jumper) with any color/letter
  • Pygmy Puff
  • Blue Cornish Pixie
  • Silver, white, or glow in the dark Pocket Patronus
  • Potion Bottle
  • Wand
  • Mandrake (in or out of pot)
  • Dirigible Plum
  • Fawkes Phoenix
  • Spell Book (open or closed, with or without quill)
  • Cauldron with any color bubbles
  • Classic striped House color Scarves
  • Knitted "Dobby" sock
  • Sorting Hat
  • Witch or Wizard's Hat
  • Badger Head
  • Lion Head
  • Bronze Eagle
  • Grim Tea Cup
  • Red Cap Mushroom
  • Mini Gnome
  • Starfish
  • Mermaid Tail
  • Sea Shell
  • Octopus Tentacle(s)
  • Octopus
  • Fox
  • Cupcake
  • Woodland creatures
  • Pagan / witchy /spiritual
  • Donut with Icing & Sprinkles

Jewelry can vary in price according to size and complexity. I've made a complex bejeweled 4 inch eagle or mermaid tail for $25 - 30, down to $15 (£15) for Dirigible Plum, Dobby, or Hedwig earrings.

Almost ANYTHING can be turned into a pendant, earrings, or even hair barrette/clip - so let me know your ideas!

This has been a recent craze for my clients and I LOVE making these!

Almost anything you see above in the ornament tab can be turned into a Monopoly piece for an existing or DIY board!

I can make them in varying sizes and detail, from 1 inch tall/wide to 2.5 inches tall/2" wide). Can be purchased individually or in any number you desire.

Prices start at $45 (£40) for 6 pieces and $55 (£50) for 8 pieces. Prices may vary just a bit up or down depending on size and complexity.

Please contact me for custom quotes!

Non-HP sculptures and cake toppers can range in price according to size and complexity. Average price is $60 to $200 (£50 - £175) on average.

A large custom piece, such as the foot tall/foot wide Ravenclaw Reading Book Nook (or a custom Hagrid surrounded by various magical creatures), would be approx. $200 - $250 (£175 - £225) plus shipping. Things like Hagrid's Hut or large Common Room with multiple characters, can run as much as $350 - 450 (£300 - £425).

Please contact me for custom quote on anything you have in mind!

PLEASE NOTE: Almost ALL sculptures can be used as CAKE TOPPERS!

These are SO MUCH FUN and can be very highly detailed depending on what you want!

So far I have made a large octagon Chocolate Frog box, a small Cupcake with a badger on top, a large cupcake with a lion on top, a medium oval Hufflepuff Common Room, a small round Gryffindor Common Room, and a Potions Class Halloween table - and many more!/p>

Skies the limit here so let me know what you have in mind! Prices vary based on size and complexity, but the starting price for smallest simple trinket box is $55 (£50), and goes up to $100 (£90) for a cupcake with an animal/human on top or $150 (£125) for a large detailed chocolate frog box. The average price is usually around $85 (£80) plus shipping.

If you have a fun idea for a custom trinket or jewelry box, please let me know and we can go from there!

This is a new endeavor I have just begun and am falling in love with - creating custom clay covers for writing and sketch journals!

Whether you're craving a Chocolate Frog journal, or maybe a Hedwig or Norbert the dragon popping out of his egg shell, or even a Potions Master journal - I can co-create it with you!

Just drop me a line with what you have in mind, and we can go from there! Be sure to look through the gallery to see what I've done so far!

Journal prices vary according to size of journal and complexity of design, but the average price for a small (mini pocket size) journal is approx. $38 - $50, and the medium (A5) size journal is approx. $80 - $99. Let me know what you have in mind and we can go from there!

Potion bottles are SO FUN!!! I am addicted to making them, and they are some of my most popular creations!

Whether you want a large shiny dragon's eye, a bottle of vampire blood or fangs, a snake venom cure, mermaid tears, or dainty glittery fairy wings, I've got the potion you need!

Prices vary according to size, price of bottle used, potion or ingredient(s) used inside the bottle, and complexity of the clay design on the bottle.

Shipping not included

These are SUPER fun and can be left empty for YOU to fill, or come filled with calming glitter liquid, shiny fairy wings, little clay snake or vampire fangs, local dried herbs, etc. Your choice!

Message me for custom quotes on your idea(s) and please be sure to check my gallery for work so far!

These are special OOAK pieces that take up to a month to create and usually measure 12 inches wide and 12 inches high. They can be very complex and time-consuming, but when complete, show a stunning full scene out of your favorite book, movie, or even daydream!

Using a wooden book box as the background, everything is covered in clay and textured/sculpted to appear as a real book. Then a scene of your choice is laid out and unfolds right before your eyes on the inside pages of the book.

Whether it's your favorite scene from Alice in Wonderland, or perhaps Harry and Hagrid walking along the cobblestone street of Hogsmeade, passing 2 store windows and carrying Hedwig in her can have a large, stunning, one of a kind scene come to life, there for you to treasure always!

Something this complex and large can range from $150 - $275 (£125 - £250) plus shipping. I LOVE making these, so please contact me to co-create with you the book scene of your dreams!

I got my start in clay by making fairy houses, and later progressed into Gnome and Hobbit homes! I love making these - so many creative options and ideas!

Fancy a mushroom house with a gnome on top? A haunted mansion with all the scary movie characters you fear peeking at you through the window? A home fit for a forest fairy or water nymph? Something Bilbo Baggins himself would sell his soul for? You're in luck!!

Let me know what you have in mind and we can co-create something magical and wonderful just for you!

Prices vary according to size and complexity, but often range between $45 (£40) for something small and simple, up to $95 (£85) or more, for larger, more complex pieces and scenes.

Want something fun and special and one of a kind? Fall in love with mermaid or dragon scale compact mirror!

Imagine 3D scalloped mermaid scales in your choice of green, blue, purple, pink or white - with or without shimmer/glitter. With 3D water droplets and crab or starfish accents and sparkling jewels!

Or imagine 3D v-shaped dragon scales, slick and beautiful in any shade you can envision...encrusted with jewels and accented in shimmer or glitter in any shade you want!

Not into either option? What else do you have in mind? Let's brainstorm and co-create something you will love and cherish forever!! Whether you fancy LOTR, Disney or Honeydukes, or any fandom or design, I can make it happen and create it on a compact mirror or candy tin!

Price for a dragon or mermaid compact mirror is $20 - $25 (£20 - £25), but if you have something else in mind we can go from there!

PLEASE NOTE: the compact mirror is silver and decorated on BOTH SIDES. Has a close up and normal mirror - high quality. You can add custom lettering on either/both sides for name or a short quote!

As my own dogs are so precious and dear to me, bereavement memorials are especially meaningful and passionate for me. I try to make them as affordable as possible, while also making them as realistic as possible. My Pet memorials are around $35 - $45 (£32 - £42) each right now, but as I get busier, they may increase, though not above $55 (£50) as I still want to keep it affordable.

I have also made a variety of human memorials for loss of parent, sibling, friend, child, and miscarriage (some are show on here and some are not), and those vary in price based on what you want done. If you want to capture the essence and spirit of someone you have loved and lost, in clay, please message me and let me know what you have in mind, and we'll co-create something beautiful and meaningful for you.

BeasTEAs are a new line of creatures, animals, beasties, and your favorite fandom characters, set in an adorable mini or super mini ceramic tea cup with matching saucer. The tea itself is cast in tinted resin, and custom clay cookies / biscuits are included, as well as a clay tea bag.

Most tea cups are $35 (£32) each and super minis are $29 (£27) each (and can be made into tree ornaments too). Occasionally a complex BeasTEA will run $40 or $45 (£38 - £42) but that is rare

BeasTEAs can also be made in glow-in-the-dark clay to resemble patronuses! Ask about getting your custom BEASTEA done today!!

Most custom pet or memorial BeasTEAs also run $35 - $40.

  • Fawkes
  • Niffler
  • Mooncalf (with choice of glass eyes)
  • Hedwig
  • Badger
  • Lion
  • Snake
  • Raven or Eagle
  • Cthulhu
  • BB8
  • Minions
  • K-9
  • Chocolate frog
  • Mandrake
  • Zouwu
  • Buckbeak
  • Bat
  • Demiguise
  • Erumpent
  • Demodog
  • Dobby
  • Thunderbird
  • Occamy
  • Swooping Evil
  • Fwooper
  • Pretty much anything you can imagine that I can fit into a 2 - 3 inch tea cup!!!

Teapots are one of my favorite things to make and they come on all sizes, shapes, and colors! I find and upcycle a lot of teapots from local shops, but I also have a stock or ceramic mini and super mini teapots where I can put ANY design you want on them!

Prices range according to size, complexity, and cost of pot used, but on average they are $30 (£28) to $55 (£50) each. All normal sized pots CAN BE USED for tea!! :D

Honeydukes sweets jars and dishes are SO MUCH FUN - perfect for your desk at work, your classroom, or even your kitchen to hold spices or dry food or ingredients, etc.

I can make in a variety sizes and containers, based on what I can find locally. Prices vary but usually start at $35 (£32) and go up to $60 (£55) based on size and container used.

Custom mugs are so unique and perfect for gifts (to yourself or others) and can be personalized in SO many ways!

Want your pet's sweet face on it? Honeydukes? Favorite HP creature or character? Favorite Star Wars or other fandom design? Hogwarts house? You name it, I can probably do it!

Prices for mug and teaspoon sets start at $25 (£25) and may go up to $40 (£38) depending on cost of the mug, the design and complexity, though the average is $25 - 30.

Chess pieces are something I do upon request, but on average, depending on size and ocmplexity, they are approx. $15 (£15) per piece, and may go up to $20 (£18).