Life can be unpredictable. I know this personally as having my own business means I never have a set payday and my income can fluctuate. But even with a steady 9-5 job, life throws you unexpected curve balls. Maybe you or your pet need medical treatment, your car needs new tires, your washing machine breaks, you spent more on your vacay than you planned, and so on.

I always want my clients to be happy and the goal of my pieces and my work is to make you happy, give you a magical place to retreat to in your mind, and to bring meaning and joy. And I never want to cause additional stress while doing so. That's why I try to make all my pieces as affordable as possible.

But sometimes there's just no way to avoid a hefty price tag, so I offer something I like to call "Clay-A-Way" - a fun throwback to my childhood in Louisiana where mom and i lived and died by Wal-mart's Lay-A-Way plans, LOL.

So For most orders of 3 pieces or more, or $100 (£100) or more, I offer a payment plan that is flexible and fun.

Here are all the details for using my Clay-A-Way plan:

  • Your initial deposit holds you place in queue. Queues can be a few days to a few weeks or longer, depending on my current order load, speed, and health (I have Endometriosis and sometimes I'm stuck in bed a few days every few weeks with pain).
  • There's no minimum deposit amount, but I will not buy supplies nor start on your piece until at LEAST 50% or more of your total payment has been paid. This protects me as most of my orders are custom and my supplies cost a LOT.
  • Payments are made via Paypal Invoice (I can send you an individual invoice for each payment as you're ready, OR, I can send you ONE invoice with everything on it, set it for partial pay, and you can pay on that single invoice as often as you're able, without having to contact me and wait for me to send an invoice.
  • Shipping is never charged until the order is ready to post (as I never quite know what the weight will be until it's finished, wrapped, and boxed). Full payment of order and shipping must be paid before order is posted.
  • There is no set time limit to complete your order, but please realize I may not be making clay for the rest of my life. If I decide to get out of clay making for a while (it's possible in the future as my heart is dog shelters and rescue), I will contact any partially paid orders WELL in advance, to either complete the order or find a solution that fits everyone.